Joe is a natural leader with entrepreneurial vision. He has continually reacted to developing trends and opportunities in the marketplace to drive a company from inception to a turnover approaching £5m in just seven years. 

Joe ran the company single handedly for two years, starting as a platform for businesses to spread their marketing through a network of retailers. This rapidly grew and diversified into capturing the market’s huge demand for bespoke foodservice packaging, to form the VaioPak Group umbrella. 

We now have a portfolio which includes M&S, Kraft, Yorkshire Tea, Red Bull, Kenco, Monster and Audi, among many other smaller independents.

Joe sets himself apart with his instinctive vision and foresight. Leadership isn’t something you can teach, but something that’s achieved by setting clear vision in an exemplary manner. 

Joe’s overwhelming dedication and commitment inspires me to always strive to achieve more. He is continually seeking opportunities and forming relationships to drive the business further forward, while investing time in his team to develop this same higher-level thinking.

Joe is a true example of how hard work, commitment and inspirational leadership can forge not only a successful business, but also a successful team of people. I have a lot to thank Joe for, and I look forward to developing further under his leadership.

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